Hot Cocoa Mix with CBD - Classic Blend

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Encourages relaxation

Promotes better sleep

De-stress with every cup

Aids in recovery from inflammation

Hot Cocoa Flavor:
Classic Blend
CBD per Serving:
40 mg CBD
CBD per Box:
200 mg CBD
5 Pouches:
Relax, unwind and de-stress with every mug

Product Overview

Our Classic Blend of rich cocoa, whole milk, and pure cane sugar remind us of home. Just like Mom used to make! Except we added the extra soothing CBD for you.

Our CBD Hot Cocoa Mixes start with elegant Dutch Chocolate, rich powdered whole milk, and sweet pure cane sugar with 40 mg of Premium CBD in each individual serving pouch of decadent indulgence.  No unnatural or artificial additives or ingredients to worry about here.  Relax, unwind, and find your Serenity!

40 mg CBD per Serving / 200 mg CBD per Box