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CBD Tea - Egyptian Chamomile

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Product Description

Full Spectrum CBD Tea - Egyptian Chamomile - 10 Tea Bags

Egyptian Chamomile, native to the valley region along the Nile River, is regarded as the highest quality grade of chamomile tea.  A touch of lemongrass adds a subtle lemon note to the flavor.  

Unlike powdered chamomile teas, this is the full, rich-tasting dried chamomile flower.  Dried flower pieces within the tea are normal.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Teas contain the complete range of cannabinoids for the full entourage effect of all the hemp terpenes, including THC.  Our CBD is water soluble which provides the highest overall CBD absorption rate. 

30 mg CBD & 1 mg THC per Serving / 300 mg CBD & 10 mg THC per Pouch