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CBD Hot Cocoa - CBD Comfort Food that Actually Tastes Great!

CBD Hot Cocoa - CBD Comfort Food that Actually Tastes Great!

  There’s nothing so comforting as indulging in a mug of steaming, rich, chocolaty hot cocoa. Mix in a helping of quality, soothing CBD and you’ve got the ultimate in relaxation enjoyment.

  Our favorite time to enjoy this treat is at the end of day, unwinding and relaxing from the day’s activities. Once we discovered the secrets of this perfect combination of CBD and hot cocoa, it quickly became part of our normal bedtime routine. Our perfect way to prepare for a night of restful sleep.

  However, having CBD that actually tastes great, it swiftly became a regular staple of our CBD wellness practice – a great way to start the day, a mindful break in the afternoon, or a post dinner indulgence.

  With three delicious flavors to choose from on our shelf, just don’t ask us to name our favorite! (Hint: it’s whichever one is currently in our mug!) Like a challenge? Go ahead try all three and see if you can decide.

  To maintain its delicious flavor, we found it best to use odorless and tasteless CBD isolate as in these specially prepared mixes.

  And don’t forget, cocoa has its own great benefits – it’s packed with antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats and, being rich in polyphenols, helps reduce inflammation.

Practicing wellness never tasted so good!